Monday, April 23, 2007

Live In God's Presence

I have set the Lord always before me." Psalm 16:8 NIV

The words "I have set the Lord always before me," are the simplest description of Spiritual life. When certain thoughts are present, there's a good chance they're the result of God walking alongside of us. The first thought involves feelings of reassurance. Whether it's Joshua taking over from Moses, or Paul going through his worst storm, the message is: "Be not afraid. I am with you." The second thought you'll have when God is present is that you'll get guidance. Maybe you're stumped with some issue and then an idea comes to you. It might be a big one or a small one, but it will help. Or you're about to say something that will inflict damage, and suddenly a little voice inside your head says "be quiet." A third indicator of God's presence is conviction of sin. You're going down the wrong road and a little stab of pain says, "no, turn around." Heed that voice or you'll violate your values, diminish your influence, and end up guilt-ridden. The fourth kind of thought that will tell you God is present, is joy! "You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence" (Psalm 16:11 NIV). It works like this: you put in an extra effort, something gets accomplished and you feel a surge of satisfaction - that's what happened when God created the world, then said, "That's good!"
God can use any of those things to convey His presence. If you "Set the Lord always before [you]" you'll begin to sense Him in your everyday life.