Saturday, April 28, 2007

Going Beyond The Barriers

"Don't be afraid… for I, the Lord, will be with you and see you through." Jeremiah 1:8 TLB
At a coastal aquarium a big barracuda kept trying to attack a mackerel, but a glass barrier stopped it. After repeatedly bumping his nose into the barrier, he finally gave up and quit trying. Later when the barrier was removed, the barracuda would swim to the point where the barrier had been - but he could go no further. To him that barrier was still there. Are you like that? Do you have imaginary barriers in your mind that say "so far and no further?"
When God called Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nation, he told the Lord that he was a lousy speaker, wasn't qualified and couldn't do the job. Immediately God said, "Don't say that" (Jeremiah 1:7 NLT). There are certain things you've got to stop saying if you're ever to break through your mental barriers and self-imposed limitations. What God said to Jeremiah, He's saying to you today. "You will go where I send you, you'll do what I enable you to do, and whatever I have promised I will bring to pass in your life" (Jeremiah 1:7).
God wants to change your conditioned response patterns and false belief systems. He wants to give you a new pair of glasses. Instead of seeing what you expect, He wants you to see what's possible. Instead of expecting the worst, He wants you to begin looking for the best - for that's what He has in mind for you today.