Sunday, May 6, 2007

Caught Unprepared

He will appear a second time… to… those who are waiting for Him."Hebrews 9:28 NIV

When President Eisenhower was vacationing in Denver, he was told about a six year-old boy named Paul Haley who was dying of an incurable cancer. Paul had one great dream - to some day meet the president. "Let's go see him", Eisenhower said to one of his aids. So they drove over to the boy's house.
The flags on the fenders were flying that Sunday afternoon, as the big black limo rolled up. Out stepped the president with his bodyguards and knocked on the door. Paul's father answered, wearing old jeans, a grubby shirt and a full day's growth on his beard. "Can I help ya?" he asked. Eisenhower responded, "Is Paul here? Tell him the President of the United States would like to meet with him." Thrilled, little Paul Haley walked around his father's legs and stood looking up into the face he admired most. The president kneeled down, hugged him and took him out to sit in the presidential limousine. Before they said good-bye they shook hands, then just as suddenly as he appeared - he left.
The neighbours still talk about that day. But one man was not entirely happy about it, that was Paul's dad, Donald Haley, who said: "I'll never forget standing there in those old jeans, a dirty shirt and a grubby beard to meet the president. If only I'd known he was coming."
He just wasn't prepared. Are you? Listen: "He will appear a second time… to those who are waiting for Him" (Hebrews 9:28 NIV). If you want to go - you've got to be ready!


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Anoop said...

Very good post.
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thanks Tina,
It was good, Inspiring
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